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2014: Gierre is confirmed as the leader in the elevation market and accepts the new challenges of the modern competitive context with the same spirit as 34 years ago when it was founded by the visionary and courageous Peppino Turrisi.

Gierre is managed today by Giorgio Turrisi who, in 1993, at only 22, picked up the baton from his father who had prematurely passed away. Alongside Giorgio, there is a closely-knit and enthusiastic team of employees and staff (in production and the offices) and an organization of agents covering the whole of Europe.

Gierre works with the aim of increasing the quality of life of its customers, offering solutions and products that are always new, conquering new markets and developing new technologies to support production.

Gierre invests constantly in technological research, the study of materials, quality, logistics, marketing and communication: the searchfor excellence in all these areas has the aim of generating greater intrinsic value, greater economic value and greater certified safety. The strength of Gierre, in the future as well, will be to foresee the development of markets and be organized to promptly meet customers' requests, increasingly involving them in a partnership that will lead to excellent results for all.