AL215 singola


Distance between rungs: 283 mm.

Rungs profile: 25x25 mm.

  • D.LGS. 81/08
    EN 131
  • made in Italy
  • 150
    max load kg
  • 5
    years warranty
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Uprights section (see table).

<p>Uprights section (see table).</p>
<p>Non-slip feet, high grip.</p>
<p>Rungs 25x25 mm.</p>
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max load (kg) 150
max working height (mt) 3.25
sizes of the closed product when packed (HxLxP mt) 2.29x0.37x0.08
sizes of the closed product without packaging (HxLxP mt) 2.27x0.35x0.06
open product dimensions (mt) 2.27x0.35x0.06
open product max. height (m) 2.16
closed length (m) 2.27
max. full product lenght (m) 2.27
product weight with packaging (kg) 4.10
product weight without packaging (kg) 3.60
type of steps / rungs rungs
number of steps or rungs 8
steps width / rungs section (mm) 25x25
type of base parallel uprights
base dimensions (LxP mt) 0.35
profiles / uprights section (mm) 60x22
width at the base of the trunk (m) 0.35