Useful information for buying a certified product

Apart from products with regular certification, issued by qualified Institutes, self-certifications, fake certifications, or even products without certification are also found on the market. Here you find 3 important rules to recognize a certified product.
A) The first rule is to control the presence of the sticker on the product on which you can find the following information:

  1. Name of the manufacturer or distributor
  2. Description of the type of product
  3. Instructions for the correct use
  4. Maximum length of the item in use
  5. Nr. of steps or rungs
  6. Month and year of production
  7. Maximum safe working load
  8. Weight of the product
  9. Declaration of conformity to the regulations

B) The second rule is the presence of an Instruction leaflet for use and maintenance: on each product distributed, the regulations about ladders provide precise information that suggests how to use a ladder as well as the most important instructions for prevention and safety.

C) The third rule is to demand the Conformity Certification to the manufacturer to check if the product responds to the regulations in force. The authenticity of the certification can be established through the number of the Conformity Certification, contacting the qualified Institutes. Each conformity certification is numbered for making it traceable and its validity is unlimited, except modifications on the product.

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